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Preserving Family Values

As the mother of two grown children, I fully understand the miracle and gift of life.  With my strong faith, conservative convictions and passion for children, I have been a strong advocate for the unborn.  I am proud to be Pro-Life and a member of Missouri Right to Life.  As a society, we must value and protect human life conception to natural end.  


Protecting our Freedom

Sheila Solon is the ONLY candidate endorsed by both the NRA and Missouri Right to Life.

Sheila Solon is the ONLY candidate endorsed by both the NRA and Missouri Right to Life.

I am committed to preserving our freedoms and belong to the National Rifle Association.  The rights to own property and firearms are essential to the personal and economic freedom we enjoy as Americans.  I will fight to protect our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms as guaranteed by our Constitution. I will stand up for the First Amendment rights of our churches and other institutions to freely exercise their religious beliefs against government infringement.

Public Safety

Protecting our communities from violence and crime is one of the central functions of government. As a graduate of the Citizens Police Academy, I understand how our police officers and first responders put their lives on the line every day, and they deserve the support of their elected officials.  I will  support law enforcement and first responders by ensuring they have the proper backing needed to do their jobs effectively so they can keep us safe.


Property Rights

Our nation’s Founding Fathers established our country on the belief that protecting individual property rights mattered. I support strengthening our private property rights as Missourians.  The inability for the average citizen to defend their property against eminent domain is unacceptable.  We need to continue working to curtail the current definitions of eminent domain to a very defined and limited scope of use for roads, public utilities and railroads.

Better Schools

All Missouri students deserve a quality education in the public, private or home setting.  I attended public schools as did both of my children.  As an involved parent I volunteered in many capacities including as PTA President and my daughter is a public elementary school teacher. I understand the importance of parents and teachers in the education of our children. Having local control over education is critical and I will continue the fight to end Common Core. We must keep our promise to teachers and schools by fully funding the school foundation formula.



I do not support new taxes!  Our state government must be held accountable and live within its means.  It must be a faithful steward of your tax dollars. That means continually evaluating where and how your taxes are spent to ensure a tangible return to you as a taxpayer.  It is your money and your state government.  We must strive to hold our state government accountable for each tax dollar it spends. 



We need to fight to keep Missouri jobs in Missouri and to bring in new jobs. We need to end wasteful economic development programs, and explore new programs targeted to new jobs and benefits.  Small business owners create 85% of all new jobs.  Government needs to get out of the way and let businesses create jobs.  We need to have less red tape and fewer regulations to help facilitate an environment for job creation. We need to build a stronger and more prosperous state by keeping taxes low for Missouri families, businesses and farmers.


Cleaning up Government

Trust in government is at an all-time low.  To end the bureaucratic entitlement culture and to create a more ethical culture at the Capitol, I propose:

  •        No tolerance policy for sexual harassment
  •        Putting an end to smoking and drinking at the Capitol
  •        Term limits for all statewide elected officials; and
  •        Banning lobbyist gifts to elected officials.

Supporting Missouri’s Farmers

I understand the importance farming plays in Missouri’s economy and to our rural tradition as a state.  I support measures to roll back existing and prevent future government regulations that unreasonably restrict the rights of Missouri farmers.